System Components:

Members Registration Authority
centralized gate to VBE community. It is managed by the VBE manager that maintains static information about all VBE members (address, contacts, etc.).

Catalogue of Competency Classes
central element to ensure common understanding of competences in the whole VBE. It is also maintained by a limited number of VBE members with a particular role of "competency expert".

Member's Profiles
distributed services to enable VBE members to maintain their profiles locally and to work in the off-line regime when needed.

Smart and advanced peer-to-peer business information sharing is the key to successful business operations. It is efficient to share individual SME profiles, competencies and available capacities inside the virtual community of collaborating companies. Such an approach helps virtual organizations to manage the businesses that separate members do not have ability to fulfill by themselves.
The main mission of member profiling and competency prototype tool is to simplify and integrate cooperation among SMEs by sharing their individual abilities and services that collaboratively cover new business opportunities. Main focus was put on the way how to manage information and requirements from different partners, how to manage the data provided and how to update data at different levels and perspectives.
There are two data scenarios deployed that validate and demonstrate the e-Cat system. The first data set is provided by the VBE Virtuelle Fabrik AG (VF), one of the ECOLEAD partner originates from their proprietary information system. The second data set is an artificial one and was created during the development of e-Cat for verification purposes of the developed features. The competencies are similar to ones from the VF data set but they are more complex.

Username "ecat" and empty password can be used to log in. All changes made to the data will be undone during the following night.

exploreVF case
exploreAdvanced case

The third test set is currently being developed by the ECOLEAD partner ITESM. It is protected by passwords to provide ITESM full control over data.

Technology Used:
The e-Cat system is a distributed system that uses multi-agent platform JADE (Java Agent Development Framework) as the ICT. The system is implemented in JAVA language, which offers platform independence. All user interfaces in the system enable web based access without installing any special software on their computers.